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Invest in the future of health

We are a leading healthcare VC firm, building on a 15+ year history with a proven track record of success.

Be part of the movement towards a healthier, brighter tomorrow, unlocking exceptional investment returns.

Unleash the potential of groundbreaking biotech with Discovery Ventures– where your investment sparks life-changing healthcare innovations and drives exceptional financial growth.

With a track record of successful exits, Discovery Ventures team has established itself as a preferred partner for startups and LPs. Our technical knowledge and experience enable us to evaluate a technology’s potential more accurately.

We have a history of exceptional returns on investment with a very low loss ratio. In the last 15 years, the members of the team have created over $2Bn in value for the investors, thanks to our deep expertise in next-generation biomedical technologies, such as gene therapy, advanced cell therapy, nanotechnology, bionics, AI, and big data.


Discovery Ventures, a leading biotech-focused VC team with a proven track record of success.

Our powerhouse team members have been responsible for the most successful achievements in the field of Next Generation BioTechnology globally, bringing the first and second FDA-approved gene therapies to market, along with the first and second stem cell therapy approvals in Europe.

Over two decades, we have forged partnerships with leading biotech venture capital firms across the US and Europe, where our unparalleled expertise in key technologies – including Gene Therapy, Advanced Cell therapy, Bionics, Tissue Engineering, and Nanotechnology – earns us a coveted seat at the table as co-investors in groundbreaking deals.

With offices in Paris, London and New York, we primarily invest in European and US-based Series A+ next-generation biomedical technology companies.