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We stand at the biggest change of paradigm in life sciences


Discovery Ventures investment strategy focuses on next-generation biotechnologies that address significant unmet medical needs in major disease areas.


We invest in ground-breaking biomedical technologies such as gene therapy, advanced cell therapy, nanotechnology, bionics, AI, and Big data to cure, prevent, or manage unsolved diseases, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.

We are particularly interested in the confluence of big data, machine learning and healthcare, since we believe it will unlock certain therapeutic options in the future.

The convergence of engineering and medicine increases the efficiency and success rates of many therapies. The nature of these “engineering medicines” allows for an iterative drug discovery and development process, enabling us to design platforms for numerous future treatments. As a result, knowledge becomes reusable and accumulative.

We are interested in companies owning the IP building blocks of next-generation technologies that have the potential for translatable diverse applications to multiple disease areas. The modular aspect of the treatments facilitates easier development of new applications by reusing and repurposing components like building blocks.

We invest in products with therapeutic potential and benefit using innovative technologies with the potential to be first in class and likely to be of interest for acquisition by pharma.

We are particularly interested in markets that we believe are underserved, will achieve premium reimbursements, and have significant number of patients.