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ESG art.9

The Discovery Ventures investments are SFDR Article 9. 

SFDR Article 9 

The main purpose of the Fund is improving the quality of life and health for the population as a whole by investing in therapeutic solutions or in solutions developed in the biotechnology or health care sectors. 

Therefore, the target of the Fund’s investments will be therapeutic treatments entailing meaningful clinical benefits, addressed to large patient populations with a high level of unmet medical needs, through next-generation solutions. The Fund’s investments will focus on companies that develop or use next-generation technologies, such as gene therapy, advanced cell therapy, nanotechnology, bionics, AI, big data and tissue engineering, among others.

Discovery Ventures includes the following factors within our definition of ESG: 

Environmental Factors 

The pollution and contamination of land, air and water, and related legal and regulatory compliance; eco-efficiency; waste management; management of scarce natural resources; climate change impacts; biodiversity; and the development of new technologies, products and markets e.g. ‘green’ / sustainable products and services. 

Social Factors

 The treatment of employees including their pay; health and safety; labour conditions; human rights; any form of discrimination, harassment or victimization; diversity and inclusion, supply chain management; and the treatment of all stakeholders including customers and communities.

Governance Factors

Anti-bribery and corruption measures; business ethics; accountability; transparency; conflicts of interest; whistle-blowing; control mechanics; and the governance of environmental and social factors